Angeles Gabaldon Valle, dancer, trained in the Conservatory of Dance in Seville and Madrid in private schools. Started his working life in Seville flamenco clubs, makes tours of Japan, America and Europe.

Adela Campallo born in Seville in 1977 within a family with a flamenco tradition. And it is within her family where she debuts with just nine years old. The masters of the masters such as José Galván and Manolo Marín gave her the beginning of her training as a professional dancer. Besides she perfects her art and personal style with artist such as Eva “La Yerbabuena”, Antonio Canales, Javier Barón, Adrián Galia, Manolete and her brother Rafael Campallo.

Eduardo Guerrero Gónzalez (Cádiz, 1983) began dancing when he was just six years old at Carmen Guerrero’s School in Cádiz, where he forged the base of his dancing career that he then further developed with professional dancers such as Mario Maya, Antonio Canales, Manolo Marín or Chiqui de Jerez among others. He studied Spanish Dance in Cádiz at the conservatory of music, and afterwards he extended his contemporary and classic dance knowledge with David Greenall and Montserrat Marín respectively.  


bailaor, known worldwide with his own name EDU LOZANO, was born in Cordoba in 1979. He has a wide range of training, among which the Ana Rodríguez Academy, for 5 years. Conservatory Prof. of Spanish dance Dde Córdoba, for 8 years. Performing all the classical ballet courses examined by the Classical Dance Conservatory Professor in Seville. Academy of María del Mar Roman "La Chata", for 4 years. Belonging for 6 years to the school Ziryab Dance directed and dictated by Javier La Torre. Classic ballet for 8 years with master Ara Leo